Confirmation on Collection of Personal Data
    SIGONGtech( hereinafter referred to as "the Company") values the personal data of its clients and has abided by the Act 30 on the Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection and other applicable data protection legislation.

  • 1.
    Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Data
    The Company collects personal data to the minimum extent necessary for the following non-exhaustive list of purposes; The Company will not use your personal data for any other purpose than the following non-exhaustive list. In case of changes on use of personal data, the Company will take proper measure to secure separate agreement from you as per the Article 18 of the Personal Information Protection Act.

    • 1)
      Recruitment and Management of Personnel
      * To proceed recruiting personnel
      * To correct the job applications
      * To identify the evidence of certificates
      * To notify the result of success
      * To communicate with applicants
    • 2)
      Management of Clients and Investors
      * To provide annoucements
      * To notify key issues
    • 3)
      Management of Proposal of Ideas
      * To confirm the proposer's identity
      * To communicate with proposer for reviewing proposal
      * To notify the result of procedure

  • 2.
    Period of Retention and Use of Personal Data
    • 1)
      The Company will not keep your personal data for longer than is necessary after the purpose of personal data collection has been achieved, unless it believes that the law or other regulation requires it to keep it or if it requires it to enforce its agreements. In general, the Company will retain your personal data for as long as it provides services to you and, following that period, it will only retain your personal data for as long as is reasonably necessary in the circumstances.
    • 2)
      The following information shall be retained for the specified periods;
    • Recruitment and Management of Personnel
    • Management of Clients and Investors/div>
    • Management of Proposal of Ideas
      - Method of Collection: Home Page
      - Reason for Retention: As per Relevant Laws
      - Retention Period: 3 years
      “Relevant Laws: Records relating to Clients Complaints or Dispute Resolution. 3 years”

      However, the following information needs to be sustained until the case is closed;
      - In case criminal investigation or inquiry is undergoing due to the violation of the relevant laws.

  • 3.
    Rights and Obligation of Users and How to Execute
    • The subject of information may execute following rights and obligations to the Company for the protection of personal data;
      • 1)
        To ask to peruse personal data
      • 2)
        To amend any errors on personal data
      • 3)
        To delete its personal data
      • 4)
        To suspend the procedure

      • The Company will take immediate measure, in case the subject of information executes its rights as per the Article 1 by letter, telephone, e-mail or fax.
    • The Company will neither use nor provide personal data in case the subject of information requests amendment or deletion of errors on its personal data untill the relevant procedure is completed.
    • The execution of rights as per the Article 1 may be conducted by a legal representative or empowered agent. In this case, the Power of Attorney, as per the Attatchment 11 of the Personal Information Protection Act, should be submitted.
    • The subject of information should not invade personal information or privacy of the susbject of information itself or others, violating the Personal Information Protection Act or relevant laws, for which the Company is undertaking necessary measures.

  • 4.
    Items of Personal Data Processed
    The Company undertakes procedure for following items of personal data;

    • 1)
      Recruitment and Management of Personnel
      - Essential Items: E-mail, Passwords, Application Information, General Information, Military Service Data, Academic Data
      - Optional Items: Nominee for the Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs, Hobby/ Specialty, Physical Data, Family Data,Certificates of Applicants for Design Field, Language Proficiency, Overseas Training Data, Career Records, Reason for Application of Desired Job, Letter of Self-Introduction
    • 2)
      Management of Clients and Investors
      - Essential Items: General Details, Tax Invoice Billing Details
      - Optional Items: Manpower Information, Accountant in Charge, Certification and Patent Status, Major Sales Details, License Holding Status, Unusual Details
    • 3)
      Management of Proposal of Ideas
      - Essential Items: Name, E-mail, Mobile Phone, Company Telephone, Title, Contents
      - Optional Items: As per Attachment Files
    • 4)
      In the process of using Internet Services, following personal data may be automatically generated and collected;
      - IP Address, MAC Address, Utilization Record of Services, Access Record, Unlawful Utilization Record, etc.

  • 5.
    Procedures and Methods of Personal Data Destruction
    • In principle, the Company destroys all applicable information without delay after the purpose of personal data collection has been achieved.
      • In case the Companay needs to preserve personal data as per requirement of the relevant laws, despite that personal data - approved by the subject of information - exceeds the period of retention or even after the purpose of data collection has been achieved, the Company may transfer the personal data to separate DB or preserve the same in other storages.
      • The destruction procedures and methods are as follows;

      • 1)
        Destruction Procedure
        Depending on the retention period of the respective purposes to collect information, destruction of personal data will be commissioned to an outsourcing company.
      • 2)
        Destruction Method
        * Personal data printed on paper: To be shredded with a paper shredder or burnt.
        * Personal data stored in an electronic file format: To be deleted by a technological method by which no records can be recovered.

    • 6.
      Safety Measure for Personal Data
      The Company takes all reasonable technical, administrative and physical measures necessary to secure your personal data from misuse, interference and loss, and unauthorised access, modification or disclosure, including as follows;

      • 1.
        Administrative Measures: Establishment and Enforcement of Internal Management Plans, Regular Training for relevant staff
      • 2.
        Technical Measures: Management of Access Authority to Personal Data Control System, Installation of Limited Access System, Installation of Excrypted Identify Information, Installation of Security Program
      • 3.
        Physical Measures: Limited Access to Computer Center and Data Storage Room.

    • 7.
      The Company does not use any tools to collect personal data, such as cookies, which are automatically generated when users use internet services.

    • 8.
      Personal Data Protection Staffs
      • In order to get in touch with the Company about the personal data it holds about you or make any complaints relating to personal data, the following departments and personal data protection personnel can be contacted;

      • Privacy Officer in charge of Personal Data Protection
        Han Yong-cheol
        Senior General Manager
        02-3438-0158,, 02-3438-0088
        ※※ You will be connected to the Department for Personal Data Protection Related Service.

      • Department for personal data protection related service
        Management Supporting Division
        02-3438-0158,, 02-3438-0088

    • You may report any matters relating to personal data protection arising out of using the Company's services to the Privacy officer or the relevant department. The Company will seek to respond to the complaints brought by users without undue delay.

  • 9.
    Matters Relating to Changes in Personal Data Processing Policy
    • This personal data processing policy was last updated on Dec. 16, 2019.
    • The previous privacy policy can be found below.

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